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Little floofs are here!

We are so exited to celebrate the arrival of DeVang and Misha's puppies! Born on June 3rd. There are eight in total- 5 boys and 3 girls. All healthy, happy, and well loved from their first breath.

They are ready to go home NOW!! All puppies have a clean bill of health and are up to date on all vaccinations. They started potty training at 5 weeks old! (currently nine weeks old  

The little floofs have already gotten an early start on potty training habits and been introduced to gooming and car rides!

Each puppy will have a complete health check completed by our family veterinarian. They will have all of their shots and have been preventatively dewormed according to the recommended schedule. You'll also be sent home with a small bag of food to help you transition to your choice of dog food. And a toy that smells like momma and sibling. So you can fully focus on adjusting and getting acquainted (aka excessively cuddling 😜) with your newest member on the family when you bring them home.